The purple outreach

"Empowering communities"

Did you know?

South Africa's unemployment rate rose to 30.1% in the first quarter of 2020.

7.1 million South Africans are unemployed.

47% of households ran out of money to buy food in April.


More than 30.4 million South Africans—55.5% of the population—live on less than R992 (about $60) per person per month.


Our mission

Improve the lives of families by providing them with basic household needs. 

To aid the needs of families by bridging the gap. 

To live in a world where no family experiences lack 

Our goal



Through our social media platforms we have been receiving a lot of requests for food, blankets, clothes and electricity vouchers. We aim to impact at least 100 homes by the end of 2020. Different homes have different needs and as part of our core values as an organization we aim to eradicate as much of these needs per household.

Our vision

These are the four main essential groups that have been identified amongst a number of homes: 

Basic Foods: Bread; Maize meal; Cooking oil; Rice; Tea; Coffee; Salt; Fish Oil;Canned foods (Peas; Pilchards; Jam; Baked Beans); Peanut Butter and Sugar.

Ways you can help!

Cash donation 

EFT'S & Direct Deposits 

Account details

Bank name: Standard Bank


Account number: 10 13 312 412 4

Branch name: SANRIDGE

Branch code: 4906

Account type: SAVINGS



Please send us an email so we can arrange a pick up/drop off:

Send us your voucher donations,