Unexpected friendship dynamics!

If there’s one thing that we need to accept, is that growing up comes with a lot of change in dynamics of our friendships. Gone are the days where as friends we can call each other every

single day to catch up on the daily progressions of our lives, or catch a few laughs. Gone are the days of being available at the first ring of the phone call. Growing up, reminds you that

friendships need to be cultivated for long term without constant communication.

Grab a drink and lets talk about friendship dynamics...

Ladies, it’s okay for us to want to maintain the friendships that we’ve had from childhood, it’s also okay for us to be able to set boundaries within our friendships. However it’s also our job to make sure that our friends feel secure in our friendships. It’s okay if you and your best friend who used to see each other every single day in high school, but only talk once a month now.

It’s also okay that you don’t share everything with them anymore, what really matters is the love and respect shared between the two of you.

So how do we go about handling friendships as we navigate ourselves through adulthood?

  1. Prioritise Yourself: Remember that you come first, and you should be your main priority. You need to also understand that the same concept applies to your friends, so in as much as we hope that we can check up on each other and be there for each other as often as possible, try not to get offended or displaced when your friend drops the ball on you. Life deals us differently, and at every turning point we need to be conscience of that.

  2. Balance: friends as you do to your romantic relationships. You don’t want to be that friend that ditches all her girlfriends as soon as she gets into a relationship and then be the same one who needs your friends if ever things go south. The friend who easily forgives her partners mistakes and moves on, but always feeling the need to hold a grudge when a friend lets you down, or does something wrong (of course somethings require you to protect your peace and move on) but we need to thread on the same energy when it comes to forgiveness in friendships and relationships.

  3. Security: Your friends will have other friends and that is okay. You don’t need to try and be friends with your friend’s friends. Be secure in your personal relationship with them and know that it’s never a competition.

Romans 12:10 NIV - "Be devoted to one another in love, honour one another above yourselves."

A friendship doesn't need daily conversation or constantly being together for it to be strong. Friendship lives in the heart, for as long as you're invested in each other, you and your pal will never be apart. Friendship is not about who you've known for the longest, it is about who came into your life and proved to you that they have got your back!

That is true friendship, one that refreshes the soul ❤

With love, from your sisters in Purple

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