Reflect & Reboot

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created”

The number 8 in the Bible represents a new beginning, how befitting to speak about new beginnings in the 8th month of the year.

Beginnings are all about new creations and life as we have come to know it is just a set of new beginnings. Intentional or unintentional, beginnings give birth to new occasions and possibilities, beginnings give time a substantiated value.

Before we start over though, let us reflect. The easiest imagery that comes to mind when thinking of reflection is looking at yourself in the mirror. The mirror gives us a true reflection of our physical appearance, but too often we are so quick to critique ourselves, pointing out that scar you don’t like, or how the shape of another part just isn’t perfect. But when was the last time you stood in front of a mirror, noticed your imperfections, acknowledged them and decided to learn to love them (not only to accept them but to love)?

What about your spiritual reflection? When was the last time you took time out to do some introspection on yourself, your habits, your thought and actions?

How do we even begin to reflect spiritually you ask? By spending time with our maker. Just as Ps. Steven Furtick says: “my maker is my mirror”. When we spend time in God’s presence, we learn to understand who God says we are, we learn to forgive ourselves and others just as God forgives, we learn to love like Him, to be generous, to be kind and understanding like him, so when we do reflect spiritually it’s important that we know what God says about us first before anyone else’s opinion. Stop allowing anyone and anything else to define who you are.

If they didn’t make you, they can’t define you.

So hopefully at this point of the blog you have thought about what you’ve allowed yourself to be defined as, and if it’s not what God says about you, let it go.

You know what’s so great about God? Is that you can start over on any day with Him, hence He gives us the sunrise and sunset every single day, each day is a brand new beginning for the earth, so if our majestic God can do that for the planet, why can’t He do it for you?

New beginnings don’t always have to be intense and groundbreaking. It can be the smallest things, like starting a new morning routine where you include exercise or prayer, it can be letting go of bad habits such as lateness or being impatient, it could even be as big as deciding to move to a new city for all the right reasons. Starting afresh can change your life drastically, only if you choose to take initiative, to straddle on and challenge yourself. Newness gives you a chance to reinvent yourself and to improve yourself.

So, with a new month coming in and a new season upon us, why not take that as sign from God? To welcome newness in your life. Because if the very nature that God created is moving into newness, then that’s all the reason you need, you are of God and from God.

New energy, new beginnings – you have all the power you need to reboot, as ironic as that may sound.

So good luck! We hope whatever new season that you’re deciding to embark on comes with growth, miracles, blessings and all things beautiful.

Stay fierce, stay strong and forever rooted in God with a whole lot of love from the Sassy Scribblers and the Chic Creators

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